About the DSANJ

The Driving School Association of NJ is a group of driving school owners from all parts of NJ. Our goals are to improve and promote driver safety and to help set and enforce the standards for driver education in NJ. We have worked closely with lobbists over the past years and are becoming the eyes and ears of legislators in our state.

We have several meetings throughout the year including an annual banquet. Our meetings have drawn many different guest speakers including congressmen and senators as well as the head of the DMV. Many companies have also been invited to offer benifits to driving school owners. Insurance reps, dual control companies and motivational speakers to name a few. These meetings are an invaluable source of information for driving school owners.

  • The Driving School Association of NJ offers owners a chance to sit down with one another and discuss business issues. It also gives owners an open forum to make their association aware of any problems in the industry. Many issues have easily been resolved after a simple conversation or a phone call by your president.

  • Our meeetings are also an invaluable source of information for changes in the laws. In the past the association has fought off several bills that if passed would have resulted in such a negative impact on business that many if not most schools would have simply closed due to lack of business. Can you imagine if 16 year old drivers were not required to take behind the wheel. That bill almost passed. It was the association that stepped in and got it shot down. Not only from a business point of view but from a Safety point of view think about what that would have meant. Untrained 16 year olds driving around NJ.

  • The DSANJ also offers the public a source for Defensive Driving classroom courses. It will refer our customers to its registered members for a class closest to them. Its phone lines are open to driving related questions and also fields comments, criticism and compliments about driving schools in NJ.

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